SpreadSheet Web

Pagos, Inc.has announced the release of SpreadsheetWEB v3.0, a Web-based platform that lets users publish spreadsheets as fully-functional, database driven, browser-accessible applications. SpreadsheetWEB is compatible with most Microsoft Excel features, including worksheet formulas, formatting, charts, pivot tables, validation, comments, filters and hyperlinks. 

Scripting support (which is similar to Excel’s macros) lets users develop custom code to interact with SpreadsheetWEB applications. This lets business users develop tools and applications in the Microsoft Excel platform, and Web-enable them.SpreadsheetWEB offers a cost effective and secure solution to web-enable them without requiring IT resources. As all the spreadsheets are managed and accessed from one location, IT departments control the security of sensitive information contained in those spreadsheets.

Other new features in version 3.0 include 64-bit and SQL 2008 support, and a Connect to Workbook feature. For more information about SpreadsheetWEB v3.0, visit www.spreadsheetweb.com.


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