Nokia launches Ovi Music Unlimited Comes with Music is dead – and DRM still lives


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Nokia has announced that it is rebooting its Comes with Music service – now calling it Ovi Music Unlimited.Comes with Music previously only offered tracks for download to a registered PC and one mobile phone, heavily DRM-ed and required license checking to play, and this will be continued with Ovi Music Unlimited.Comes with Music has been popular in some territories, like Singapore, but has never really taken off in the UK.

Free for all

But now Nokia is rebranding the service as Ovi Music Unlimited, and promises it will be easier to find the music you want, as well as improved stability for downloading.Hopefully this means a better experience on the mobile phone, as the CwM UI on mobile phones at the moment is hard to navigate.However, the DRM still remains, meaning you’re locked into a single handset for the entirety of your subscription.Nokia has already rebranded the service in other climes, as well as offering Comes with Music DRM-free in China – so we’re sad to see that change isn’t making it to the UK.


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