New API’s of the week!



AlternativeTo API : The API allows users to integrate the features of the AlternativeTo site into applications. AlternativeTo provides user recommendations for alternative applications for mobile phones and computer software. Using the API, users can access features such as getting an application and its alternatives, finding recently listed applications and listing recently liked applications. The API uses RESTful protocol and returns data formatted in JSON. API: The Hotel API gives developers and users access to hotel content and booking functionalities. The API returns data via the XML format. It offers functionality via the REST or XML-RPC protocols.

Club Texting API: Club Texting’s SMS APIs allow developers to integrate text messaging into desktop applications, web services or mobile apps. Club Texting offers a web-based bulk text messaging platform that lets users set up mobile marketing campaigns. Using the API, customers can text a message and SMS Gateway will pass the message directly to your servers

Email Yak API: Send and receive emails from your application via the Email Yak API. Just update your MX record and you can begin creating email accounts for your users to email and receive the messages as JSON or XML. Uses Web Hooks to provide new messages to your application. Find out more in our Email Yak blog post.

Embedly API: Get embed code via API from over 100 different sites. Videos, images and other rich content can be added to your site using the oEmbed standard and’s API to retrieve embedding information. We covered in a little more detail in a blog post.

Fishup API: With this API, devlopers can write their own programs or scripts that will display Fishup data (fotogafii, tags, groups, etc.) in new and different ways from Fishap styles. Fishup is an online photo sharing service. Store photos, create a personal photo site, earn money with own lessons at Fishup photo school. The API can uses both REST and SOAP protocols. Responses can be formatted as XML or JSON. Documentation is in Russian.

Marine/Surfing Weather API: The Free Marine Weather REST API methods allows developers and programmers to access today’s live marine/sailing weather forecast. You can use any programming language of your choice to get marine weather using our REST based weather API methods.

Net Atlantic API: The email marketing API allows users to connect and synchronize their Net Atlantic email marketing solution with an external database, CRM, CMS, blog or e-commerce shopping cart. Net Atlantic is an email marketing company. The SOAP API provides users with the capability to enable their applications to interact with Net Atlantic’s email marketing service and access and manipulate the database tables. Users can also create plug-ins that automate tasks and processes. Full documentation is not publicly available.

Publitweet API: Publitweet offers a smarter way to publish Twitter on a website by enriching Twitter feeds to make them more readable.With the Publitweet widget, your visitors can share tweets and preview links without leaving your website and also enjoy automatic translation of Twitter jargon to plain English.Publitweet will help you engage your audience with curated realtime content. You can also monitor how they are viewing and sharing Twitter feeds from your Google Analytics account.

TellMyCell API: Enterprise-class SMS gateway is powerful enough to meet an organization’s most demanding needs. Easy API integration to shared short code or your own dedicated short code.

UCRUX API: The UCRUX email marketing API lets developers and users synchronize their application with UCRUX email marketing system. UCRUX offers examples in PHP and .NET, and features a RESTful protocol, returning data via the XML format.

YottaShare API: YottaShare offers an API for expansion of shortened URLs. The service works for,, snipr, and services. It offers a RESTful interface, returning data in XML. There are no signup requiremen




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