Android Growth Continues, Others Lose Share

Android is showing no signs of slowing down. For the three months ended July 31, Android is the only smartphone platform to show growth. Palm remained flat, while Apple, Microsoft and RIM all saw declines.ComScore’s latest report covers May, June and July of 2010. During this time Apple launched the iPhone 4 and even though it was a massive sales success, being a single phone on a single carrier in the US is limiting its growth. Many of the fourth generation’s sales are from existing iPhone owners that are upgrading. That generates revenue for Apple, but does nothing for the iPhone market share.The fifth generation iPhone could come with a genie that pops out when you rub it and grant you three wishes and there are still people that won’t switch to AT&T’s network. Apple has dropped from 25.1 percent share to 23.8 percent share. Because the smartphone market is growing, it shows that whatever growth the iPhone is enjoying, it isn’t keeping up with the market overall.Google’s Android platform has surpassed Windows Mobile from Microsoft. This isn’t new information, but it is the first time this has happened over a rolling three month period, which shows that the trend is real. Microsoft’s share for the three months ended April was 14 percent, just ahead of Google’s 12 percent. Now the tables have turned. Microsoft is at 11.8 percent while Google has climbed to 17 percent.

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