14-Year Old UK Girl Fears Birthday Party After 21,000 Guests Confirm On Public Facebook Event

Rebecca Javeleau is going to have the most epic birthday party if the 21,000 guests users that RSVPed on Facebook show up. Javeleau made the mistake of making the details public when she invited a few friends to her birthday party through a Facebook event.Rebecca’s mother Tracey, 40, canceled the Facebook event, but just to be sure, the police has been summoned to be at the house during the original time of the event in Harpenden, Hertfordshire U.K. The fourteen year old Sir John Lawes School student meant to only invite 15 friends to her 15th birthday party. But the event went out of control after it spread on the Internet as a meme.Fake celebrity accounts were created and RSVPed to the event as well. These accounts include Justin Bieber, Professor Stephen Hawking, and Rick Astley. “She did not realize that she was creating a public event and should have done. She is going to have to change her mobile phone SIM card because of the number of calls she has been getting about it,” said Tracey.Rebecca did not have the proper privacy settings on Facebook, which raises additional concerns about whether the social network is doing an adequate job protecting the youth.

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