Momonga Linux 7 review

“Momonga is a Linux distribution based on Fedora. It is a community-developed distribution with roots in Japan (the name is derived from a species of flying squirrel found in Europe and parts of Asia). Like Fedora, it is a multi-purpose distribution, a Free distribution, with a script that makes it easy to build and install non-free applications .”This review, the first for Momonga on this website, also marks its first listing in the Desktop/Server category.”Installation: Like Sabayon, Momonga’s installation program is the same version of Anaconda that made its debut on Fedora 13. It, therefore, has support for LVM, the Linux Logical Volume Manager, softRAID, and full disk encryption. It also supports installation to remote storage devices (for example to SANs and to disks attached to mainframes). LVM is the default disk partitioning scheme, with ext4 as the default journaling file system. The other journaling file system supported by default is ext3.”

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