Previewing Google’s New Operating System

Google open-sourced its Chromium OS project, more than a year before the operating system is scheduled for release. Google hopes a variety of developers and companies will become involved in the project, and has pledged to release regular updates as well as a comprehensive log of bug reports and fixes.What we are going to talk about is Google’s design vision for Chromium, the unique benefits it offers, and a bit of why Google is throwing its hat into this particular ring in the first place. Chromium, after all, is a Linux-based OS entering the smartbook/netbook market at a time when said product segment is already being served by a variety of Linux distros (some customized to the hardware, some not), XP, and Windows 7. In the midst of all these options, do we need another operating system? 

Chromium is designed around the premise that computers have largely evolved into boxes from which we access the Internet. If you’ve ever lost Internet service (but not electricity) for a protracted period of time, you’ve probably seen the company’s point. Evaluated in terms of what a modern system is capable of doing, getting online is but one, minor feature. From a user perspective, however, Internet connectivity is a matter of tremendous importance—lose the net, and your system transforms from a communications platform/multimedia hub into a box for writing papers, gaming alone… or something .Chromium simplifies the concept of an application the same way it simplifies the operating system i.e., by throwing most of it away. Chromium apps won’t just interface with the web or contain web-based components, they’ll exist there. The ‘cloud’ in cloud computing thus transforms from an abstract concept of computing resources or storage floating vaguely in space into something much more unique and personal. The cloud has literally become your cloud—your life, online. Checkout the video describing Chromium project below.

Whats Google Chromium Os?


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