Skype Now Available for All Android Phones

Skype just brought their free internet calling app out of its Verizon-only corner and opened it to the general Market. Anyone running Android 2.1 and above can make Skype chats, calls (Wi-Fi only, it seems), and sync Skype to their contacts.Skype says its tested its app on HTC and Motorola phones, and knows it’s got a few kinks to work out, especially on the Samsung Galaxy S and other brands. When the app does work, though, it simply works, in a very Android way. Skype stays open in the background and remains accessible through the notification bar. The app can sync your Skype contact data to your existing contacts, and make Skype Out calls using your Skype credit. The disclaimer at the tail end of the Android download site states that Skype calls are Wi-Fi only in the U.S.; 


One Comment to “Skype Now Available for All Android Phones”

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