Facebook to let users create personal groups

Courtesy : CNN 

An easy way to create personal groups within your friends list and the ability to download everything you’ve posted are coming to Facebook.Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the planned changes Wednesday at a media event about several tweaks to the ubiquitous social-networking site.Facebook Groups, Zuckerberg said, is designed to solve “the biggest problem in social networking.”

“A lot of people talk about this as a privacy problem, but I think even more than that, it’s an annoying [others] problem,” Zuckerberg said.

A user might say, “I would post this, but do I really want to bug all my friends who don’t like jogging how great it is that I had an awesome jog this morning?” he said.

Groups will let Facebook users make groups like family, work friends, friends from school or friends with a specific interest.

They’ll be able to share information specifically with members of those groups and even create group chats with those members.

“We think this is really going to change fundamentally how you use Facebook today,” said Justin Shaffer, product manager for Groups and former CEO of Hot Potato, a mobile social-media app that Facebook bought this summer.


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