Microsoft contributes new open-source package-management system to Outercurve Foundation

Package management is a hot topic in the Microsoft world, lately. On October 6, it got even hotter, with Microsoft’s announcement of a first developer preview of NuPack.
NuPack is an open-source package-management system for .Net that will be supported with all versions of Microsoft’s Visual Studio tool suite. NuPack is designed to “simplify the process of incorporating third party libraries into a .Net application during development,” as its creators explain it.
The creators behind NuPack are Microsoft and the Nublar (NU) Project. On October 6, the pair announced they were turning over NuPack to the Outercurve Foundation, the group that was formerly known as the CodePlex Foundation. Microsoft founded and funded the Foundation last year and remains one of the main sponsors of it.
“Developers – both inside and outside Microsoft – will contribute features, bug fixes and patches to NuPack,” according to today’s blog post from Scott Guthrie, the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s .Net Developer Platform.

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