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December 13, 2010

Scientists beat pain with spinal chip

Australian researchers are getting ready to conduct human trials next year of a smart chip, which, when implanted in the spinal cord, can measure and stop pain signals from traveling to the brain.

The technology, targeting chronic pain, was developed in Sydney by National ICT Australia (NICTA) over the last two years by experts in biomedical, electrical, and mechanical engineering, as well as textile technology and software applications.

The smart chip is put into a biocompatible device, which is a little smaller than the head of a match. A couple of the devices are sewn into a 1.22mm-wide micro-lead made from polymer yarn and electronic wires. The wires are then inserted into the spine (or elsewhere) and connected to a device containing a battery and a computer processor. The battery can be charged wirelessly.

December 13, 2010

Apple adds playlist publishing, collaboration to Ping

Apple has continued on its slow but steady pace of adding new features to Ping, the music-based social network it announced as part of iTunes 10. Over the weekend, Apple introduced the ability to share your iTunes playlists on your Ping profile and collaborate on them with friends.

No software update is needed to take advantage of the new features: now, when you click the arrow icon on a selected playlist in your iTunes sidebar, a new “Publish Playlist” option entices you to share your meticulously crafted collection with your Ping friends. You can give your published playlist a unique name and description, then drag and drop songs to put them in optimum listening order.

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