>Skype to Refund Customers Affected by Service Outage: Report


Skype’s CEO issues a statement offering refunds for customers affected by the company’s massive service outage.
Facing the wrath of its customer base following a massive service outage earlier this week, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provider Skype said it would issue refunds to those unable to make calls during the 30-hour shut down. Skype CEO Tony Bates issued a statement on the company’s blog, apologizing for the service outage and promising compensation. Bates also issued an update on the outage, claiming the company has been able to successfully stabilize Skype due to the “dedicated supernodes deployed by Skype’s engineering team.” The service is now at roughly 90 percent of normal user volumes, Bates said. He said audio, video and IM are running normally, though a couple of the company’s other offerings, including offline IM and Group Video Calling, are not available yet. “We are working hard to restore them in due course,” he wrote. “We now understand the cause of the problem and we believe it was not caused by a malicious attack. But, we are still doing a full analysis and we will provide an in-depth post-mortem.”

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