>Security Cam Turns Your iPhone’s Camera into a Security Camera and Monitor


As the name suggests, Security Cam is a security camera app for your iPhone or iPod touch. It lets you secretly capture images and video for specified periods of time, allowing you to also use it for time-lapse photography.
While I doubt Security Cam is going to be a cheap replacement for a real security camera, if somebody’s stealing your iOS device you might be able to use it to catch them. You can specify the amount of time Security Cam is active and how frequently it takes photos. It can also activate at a certain noise level or when motion is detected. Photos and videos are all stored within the app and (optionally) marked with a date and time stamp. You can send saved photos and videos to your device’s camera roll or email them directly from the app.
Overall Security Cam works pretty well, but the camera uses a very slow shutter which can result in blurry images. I don’t know why Security Cam made this choice, but if the camera covers a wide area it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Other downsides include a fairly buggy video mode (freezes were common after saving video, although video saved just fine) and general sluggishness when switching the camera on and off. When in full operation, however, Security Cam works pretty well.
If you want Security Cam, it’s available right now in the iTunes App Store for $1.

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