>Nokia Lottery scammers out there, Beware !


You might be aware of such hoax email, sms like ..  You won a huge amount of cash from an ongoing Nokia promo, IGNORE it,.  Good folks at Nokia Conversation has posted a guide on how this actually work and how careful one has to be when they come across such situations. They have also recieved numerous comments on the same issue, all that they want to inform to the world is that The Nokia Lottery isn’t real.
How the Nokia Lottery scam works
There are a couple of methods these scammers use, in the hope of stealing your money.
You receive an email claiming you have been chosen at random, to receive a prize, usually a large figure of money. In this case, £350,000 is the prize. However, to receive your winnings you must send them some money as an admin charge. £650 in this same case. They hope you’ll be so dazzled by the large sum of money they claim you’ve won, that you’ll send the admin fee. It’s at this point you’ll never hear from them again and your money will be lost.
A second method commonly used is contacting you by SMS. These text messages will tell you you’ve won a heap of money, like in this case, but you must first phone a telephone number or email back to hand over your bank details. Do not do this. Never give your bank details to a stranger, especially if all you know about them is their mobile phone number.
Whatever method they use, they will be asking for the same thing. Either your bank account details, or some money in another form and the messages they send always look official, but they’re not. They’re fake.
What to do if you receive a Nokia Lottery scam SMS or email
Don’t respond to the messages, doing so will only encourage them to keep contacting you.Report the scam to an agency that can help. Action Fraud is a UK-based firm that deals with these matters here in the UK, and there will be other similar companies all over the world too.If you haven’t entered any competition, or if the prize looks too good to be true, then it almost certainly will be.
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