>ShareYourOffice lets you work with officemates you never had


Say you’re a freelancer, a blogger, or an entrepreneur working from home and you’re looking for a good place to work at. Well, you could open your laptop and work at your local Starbucks or you might want to try this site called ShareYourOffice.
Not only will it save costs on expensive monthly rental fees, it will also be a venue to network and make connections, or you know… the office buddies you’ve never had. It’s pretty straightforward: just go to the site and browse the hundreds of ads of different office spaces, which could be sorted by price or location, or amenities. Clicking on an ad will show a description of the company, pictures of the work area, and the amenities available –meeting rooms, photocopiers, Internet, projectors, even ping pong tables if you find it a necessity.
Startups with plans on expanding can also benefit from this service. While starting small, they could have the office spaces for rent. Whatever your reason is, the possibilities are boundless–collaborate with like-minded people, optimize resources– it just feels like a win-win situation. Just make sure there aren’t any confidential documents lying around.
The site is currently free to use so try it out and meet the new officemates you never had.

Courtesy : NextWeb

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