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January 3, 2011

>Facebook Raises $500 Million in Funding, Now Worth $50 Billion


Facebook has received a massive new round of funding: $450 million from Goldman Sachs and $50 million from Russian investment firm Digital Sky Technologies, according to a new report.Facebok has raised over $800 million over five rounds of funding. With this round, the social network will have raised over $1.3 billion. The New York Times says that the deal sets the social network’s valuation at a whopping $50 billion. Facebook’s worth has fluctuated between $40 and $50 billion in the secondary markets for the last few weeks. In September, Facebook was worth between $23 billion and $33 billion and in November it was worth $41 billion.As part of the deal, Goldman Sachs will help the social network raise an additional $1.5 billion. To do this, the investment bank will create a “special purpose vehicle” that will allow others to invest in Facebook indirectly. This would help the social network bypass an S.E.C. regulation that requires companies with more than 499 investors to disclose their financial results to the public.

November 1, 2010

Facebook has purchased,an online file sharing service

Facebook has purchased most of, an online content-sharing service, but the social-networking giant sounds more interested in acquiring the company’s developers than its technology. is a service that lets users create a ‘drop’ where they can share documents, videos and other digital content. The user can set a time for how long the drop will exist, decide who can view the content, set permissions for who can alter the content and share content in a variety of ways, including on Facebook.

October 6, 2010

Serial Facebook scammer fined $873M

The Quebec Superior Court has ordered a serial Facebook spammer to pay the popular social networking site a whopping $873 million.The ruling effectively upholds an earlier decision by a US court that fined Adam Guerbuez $100 for each of the 4,366,386 spam messages (about marijuana and erectile dysfunction drugs) he sent in 2008.

October 6, 2010

Facebook offers new way to sort friends, copy info

Facebook is introducing tools that will make it easier for people to separate their online friendships into different groups and copy all the personal information they have posted on the website.The new features will start rolling out to Facebook’s more than 500 million worldwide users Wednesday.
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October 6, 2010

Facebook Implements Social Captchas For Data Downloads

Facebook’s CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg said that the social network will start implementing a “social captcha,” to verify identities of members if they are logging on from different places. Specifically, he said that members would have to answer questions about their friends or identify them in a picture to download your data from Facebook.

September 27, 2010

Asians muscling into social media world

Asians are muscling their way into traditionally Western-dominated social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Internet blogs, prompting major players to sit up and take notice.With more than 220 million bloggers in China alone and nearly three out of five people in Singapore having a Facebook account, Asia is presenting a huge commercial opportunity for online advertising.Social media guru Thomas Crampton, Asia-Pacific director of Ogilvy Public Relations’ global social media team, said regional users were jumping on the social media bandwagon at a faster rate than the rest of the world.”Asia is… the most exciting part of the world for what’s going on in social media,” he told AFP on the sidelines of a social media forum in Singapore.Facebook launched an Asian sales office in Singapore this month in order to to be better placed to sell ads to companies aiming for the region’s consumers.”The Asian market’s a very, very big market for us,” said Blake Chandlee, Facebook’s commercial director for regions outside North America and western Europe. “It’s an enormous opportunity for us.”Chandlee said Asia was the fastest-growing among Facebook’s geographical markets, or “theatres”, despite restrictions on access in China.Crampton said the growing number of Asians connected to the Internet was a key driver behind the region’s social media craze.A report in July by research firm Nielsen said that “while the US pioneered much of the early Web 2.0 and social media innovation, Asia is playing no small role in shaping – and in some cases leading – the new social media landscape.”

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