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October 20, 2010

Mozilla has hired Gary Kovacs as their new CEO

Mozilla hired Kovacs about six months after previous CEO John Lilly said he would be leaving to join VC firm Greylock Partners. Kovacs is currently an SVP at SAP’s mobile division. Kovacs had stints at Adobe and Macromedia as well. Open source web browser Mozilla Firefox had quickly taken away market share from Microsoft Internet Explorer only to see Google introduce a solid browser of their own called Chrome. Google has been a major investor in Mozilla since they launched the Firefox browser.

September 24, 2010

Mozilla Concept Phone Is a Glimpse of the Future

The hottest concept mobile phone right now doesn’t come from Apple, Google, Motorola or HTC. It was developed by a designer in his spare time as part of a Mozilla Labs project.Seabird is designer Billy May’s vision for a phone that aims to address some of the frustrations people have when interacting with small devices.”While mobile CPUs, connectivity and development platforms begin approaching that of desktops, the lagging ability to efficiently input information has grown ever more pronounced,” he wrote in a blog post describing the phone. The post includes videos–one in 3D–with a rendering of the concept phone.Seabird has two pico projectors. When placed in a dock it uses one of them to project the screen on a nearby wall for easier viewing and the other to project a full-size, virtual keyboard on the table where it sits. A user can then type on the virtual keyboard instead of a tiny on-screen or physical keyboard on the phone.
A small Bluetooth dongle fits into a slot on the back of the phone. It can be popped out and used as an earpiece. Or, users can wave the dongle in space to move a cursor on the phone screen, clicking the dongle to select an item on the screen. May says it lets users “pan and zoom in 3D space.”.The dual pico projectors, located on the sides of the phone, could also be used without the dock to project half a keyboard each — one on each side of the phone. “The Seabird, on just a flat surface, enables netbook-quality interaction by working with the projector’s angular distortion to deliver interface, rather than content,” May wrote.