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October 21, 2010

Nokia boosts Qt commitment, changes Symbian strategy

Nokia has announced some new plans to refine its mobile platform strategy. The company says that the current Symbian versioning scheme will be dropped in favor of a more rapid and incremental approach to development. The company also affirmed its commitment to the open source Qt development toolkit, which will become the “sole focus” of Nokia’s application development efforts across both Symbian and the Linux-based MeeGo platform.
October 20, 2010

Symbian CEO Lee Williams steps down

Symbian Foundation CEO Lee Williams has stepped down from his position citing “personal reasons”, Mobile Industry Review reports.The foundation is a non-profit organization, founded in June 2008, that spearheads the development of the Symbian mobile operating system. Williams served as chief for two years and will be replaced by Symbian chief financial officer Tim Holbrow. Interestingly, Williams isn’t taking his time with the move — he’s gone, effective today.The move may be a sign that the Symbian Foundation will be calling it quits sometime soon, “super secret” sources tell The Really Mobile Project. That wouldn’t mean the end of Symbian necessarily — only that decisions regarding the platform won’t have to go through the foundation’s bureaucracy. Earlier this year, the foundation open sourced the code behind the Symbian^3 platform, so work on the platform could continue even if the foundation implodes.