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January 4, 2011

>WikiPedia Hits Fund-Raising Target In Record Time


Wikipedia reached its $16 million fund-raising goal with its shortest public appeal ever.
The money came from half a million people in 140 countries donating an average of $22 each, the Wikimedia Foundation said in a New Year’s Day blog post.
Wikipedia turns 10 on January 15th, a decade during which the globally crowdsourced online encyclopedia weathered fierce criticism about its reliability and banishment from academia while at the same time being so popular it serves up pretty consistent top 10 Google results for any search.
September 29, 2010

Wikipedia Explores Peer-to-Peer Sharing for Video Distribution

In order to help offset the costs of delivering an increasing amount of video, Wikipedia is experimenting with BitTorrent P2P technology.As Michael Dale notes in the foundation’s announcement, “One potential problem with increased video usage on the Wikimedia sites is that video is many times more costly to distribute than text and images that make up Wikipedia articles today. Eventually bandwidth costs could saturate the foundation budget or leave less resources for other projects and programs. For this reason it is important to start exploring and experimenting with future content distribution platforms and partnerships.”