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December 15, 2010

Microsoft CRM 2011 near-final test build available for download

Microsoft made the Release Candidate (RC) test build of its Dynamics CRM 2011 offering available for download as of December 14.(

This is a publicly available RC and “will be available until the RTM (release to manufacturing) release scheduled for Q1, 2011,” according to a blog post on Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM blog.

December 15, 2010

Google Open Sources Two Projects, Contributes to Eclipse Foundation

Google announces today that it is open sourcing two of the projects through the Eclipse Foundation. Google is donating the source code and the IP for WindowBuilder, the leading Eclipse Java GUI Designer, and CodePro Profiler, an analytics tool that identifies code performance issues. Specifically, the donation includes the WindowBuilder Engine and designers for SWT and Swing – code and IP that Google says is valued at more than $5 million.
December 15, 2010

Techcom enters into Indian Mobile Market wirh Seven new Phones

Techcom a computer hardware and consumer electronics manufacturer in India has announced its entry into the Indian Handset Market. Techcom announced 7 new models such as T21, T31, T33, T51, T55, T60 and TQ21 in low and mid range series. These phones comes with Dual Sim Support, 8Gb MMC support, MP4/3GP player, Bluetooth, FM radio and personal data security .Techcom calls the T21 as the flagship phone which have the capability of playing MP4/3gp video files of 200mb in size on the go. And comes with an unbeatable price of Rs.1500.
December 15, 2010

FingerID : Online Access With a Fingerprint

A new service developed by a researcher at the University of Southampton makes it possible for users to maintain multiple online accounts using a scan of their fingerprint as a password.
The new service, FingerID , has been developed by Sara Alotaibi, who has just completed a Masters degree in Web Technology at the University’s School of Electronics and Computer Science and got the top mark in her cohort for this research.

“FingerID provides users with the facility to maintain multiple web accounts from a single source just using a fingerprint, and eliminates their concerns about having to remember multiple usernames and passwords,” said Ms Alotaibi.

In order to develop FingerID, Ms Alotaibi evaluated existing and proposed systems geared towards replacing the conventional form of authentication using a username and password on the Web, and found that not much work had been done in this field.

She went on to evaluate these systems against criteria such as security, accessibility and usability, as a result of which she generated a concept which could fundamentally alter the entire authentication mechanism, replacing memorised passwords with fingerprint data. This laid the foundation for FingerID — a service to maintain multiple web accounts with the user’s fingerprint.


December 15, 2010

Two People Receive Kidney Transplants With Computerized Matching Program

A man in St. Louis and a woman in New Hampshire have received the first kidney transplants made possible through a new national program of the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN ) that uses a Carnegie Mellon University computer algorithm to match transplant candidates with living donors.